Maskne Essentials Kit

Maskne Essentials Kit

Our new online exclusive Maskne Essentials Kit:
Protective masks can be tough on skin, causing breakouts and sensitivity blemishes.
Our Maskne Kit gently exfoliates, helping declog pores and remove impurities, and works to soothe and prevent irritation.


SUPERTONER™ (200ml): A super concentrated exfoliating toner with our six acid blend for instantly refreshed, refined skin. Sweep SUPERTONER™ over just-cleansed skin to remove any residual bacteria, dirt or make up trapped by protective masks.

SUPERMUD™ (7g): Clearing Treatment, Instantly unclogs pores & clears blemish prone skin.Use once or twice a week to detox, prevent flare ups and reduce the look of pore size. Focus around chin, nose + any other areas prone to ‘Maskne’.

BERRYGLOW (2.5ml): Our nutrient-dense soothing moisture mask formulated with probiotic technology will help maintain a healthy skin microbiome, restoring balance and aiding with skin sensitivity caused by friction from your protective mask.

NEW oil-free SUPERWATERGEL (5ml):A lightweight water gel moisturizer with glycolic, salicylic + hyaluronic acids, for acne-prone skin. The triple-acid blend instantly hydrates, clarifies pores and controls shine without instigating new breakouts for balanced, healthier and clearer-looking skin.